Violaceous (Amazonian) Trogon Trogon violaceus ramonianus

(aka Amazonian Trogon Trogon ramonianus)
Brazilian name:
Male Violaceous Trogon, Cristalino Lodge, Mato Grosso, Brazil, April 2003 - click for larger image Brazil

The Violaceous (Amazonian) Trogon is distributed in the Amazon Basin. Howard and Moore 2013 and the South American Classification Committee classify Trogon romanianus as a species in its own right for the reasons set out here. However, the HBW and Birdlife International Checklist treat it as a sub-species of Violaceous Trogon.

Male Violaceous Trogon, Caxiuanã, Pará, Brazil, November 2005 - click for larger image It is found in the canopy and at forest edges where it feeds on fruit and, to a lesser extent, on insects. These photos were taken from towers at Cristalino Lodge and Caxiuanã.

The male, shown here in photos 1, 2 and 3, has a pale grey greenish bill and a yellow eye-ring. The crown, neck and chest are a shiny violet blue. The belly is yellow and the undertail has even black and white horizontal stripes with white tips to the feathers.

Male Violaceous Trogon, Cristalino, Mato Grosso, Brazil, December 2006 - click for larger image The female in photo 4 is grey with a duller yellow belly. It has a white eye-ring broken above and below the eye and thin black and white bars on the wings.

There are recordings and a distribution map on xeno-canto.

Female Violaceous Trogon, Caxiuanã, Pará, Brazil, November 2005 - click for larger image
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