Black-chested Tyrant (Taeniotriccus andrei)
Black-chested Tyrant, Carajás, Pará, Brazil, October - click for larger image Carajás, Pará, Brazil
October 2005

The Black-chested Tyrant is distributed in north-east and east-central Venezuela, the extreme north of Brazil in Roraima and in scattered sites in Pará and Maranhão. It is found in the dense, viny understorey of humid forest particularly near rivers or, near the coast, in mangroves. However, this bird was seen at quite a distance from a river in dense undergrowth on a fairly steep slope. Their habitat makes them difficult to see.

The head and throat are rufous chestnut, it has a black crest (not visible in this photo) and it has yellow on the base of the flight feathers which is visible at rest.The male has a broad band of black across the chest.

There are some recordings on Xeno-Canto.

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