Twite Linaria flavirostris
(aka Carduelis flavirostris)
Twite, Mainland, Shetland, Scotland May 2004 - click for larger image Mainland, Shetland, Scotland
May 2004

The Twite breeds mainly in central and south-west Asia but two sub-species breed in north-west Europe. See the distribution map at Birdlife International. This photo taken in Shetland shows the sub-species C. f. pipilans. They are partly migratory with some breeders from north-west Europe spending the winter in lowland farmland or along the North and Baltic Sea coasts.

It could be confused with a female Linnet L. cannabina or Redpoll A. flammea but has a buff throat and face, is generally darker and more streaked, has no hint of red on crown or breast and is a bird of open country rather than woodland.
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