Eurasian Blue Tit Cyanistes caeruleus
(aka Parus caeruleus)
Blue Tit, Edinburgh, Scotland, February 2003 - click for larger image Scotland

The Eurasian Blue Tit is distributed throughout most of Europe and into the Middle East. See the distribution map at Birdlife International. It is found in deciduous or mixed woodland, parks and gardens provided that suitable nest holes are available. Nest sites are typically a hole in a tree or a wall.

Blue Tit, Edinburgh, Scotland, January 2003 - click for larger image It feeds mainly on insects and spiders but also eats seeds, fruit, nectar and pollen.

It has a small, rounded head without an obvious neck. The crown is blue on a white head which also has a black stripe through the eye. Underparts are yellow with a narrow grey stripe in the centre of the belly.

Blue Tit, Edinburgh, Scotland, January 2004 - click for larger image The third photo is of a bird which had a curious elongated cross-bill. It was also very scruffy looking as though it had some sort of a disease. The other Blue Tits tried to chase it away but it hung around my garden for at least a fortnight in mid-winter.
Blue Tit, Edinburgh, Scotland, April 2005 - click for larger image

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