Robin's Pincushion Diplolepis rosae
(aka Bedeguar Gall Wasp)
Robin's Pincushion, Monks Eleigh Garden, Suffolk, England, September 2008 - click for larger image Monks Eleigh, Suffolk, England
September 2008

Robin's Pincushion is a gall seen on wild roses in which are to be found numerous larvae of the Bedeguar Gall Wasp.

The female wasp lays eggs on new rose shoots in the spring and the plant reacts by producing a gall. This is quite woody with up to 40 or 50 chambers each with a larva. The outside of the gall is covered in long vegetative hairs coloured red and green. The larvae overwinter inside the gall which turns brown and the wasps emerge in May to start laying their eggs again. Few if any of the wasps are male and they reproduce asexually.
The name Robin's Pincushion does not refer to the Robin bird but rather to Robin Goodfellow (aka Puck)

There is a lot more information about this wasp at the Hedgerowmobile site.

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