Yellow-throated Flycatcher (Conopias parvus)
Yellow-throated Flycatcher, Borba, Amazonas, Brazil, August 2004 - click for larger image Borba, Amazonas, Brazil
August 2004

The Yellow-throated Flycatcher is distributed in the Guianas, southern Venezuela and Brazil north of the Amazon and east of the rio Negro but with scattered records in Ecuador, Peru and western Brazil south of the Amazon. This sighting in Borba, south of the Amazon on the same longitude as Manaus, is probably a small range extension.

They are found in the forest canopy (mainly terra firme) and can be difficult to see. Fortunately, their call is loud and distinctive.

Its black crown is completely encircled by the white supercilium which extends round the back of the neck. Underparts, including the throat are yellow.

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