Yellow-faced Siskin Spinus yarrellii
(aka Carduelis yarrellii)

Brazilian name:
Male Yellow-faced Siskin, TamandarĂ©, Pernambuco, Brazil, October 2008 - click for larger image Tamandaré, Pernambuco, Brazil, October 2008

The Yellow-faced Siskin is distributed in north-east Brazil from Ceará and Piauí south to central Bahia. See the distribution map at Birdlife International. There is a disjunct population in northern Venezuela thought by many authorities to be escaped cage birds though a fairly large number were collected there by Klages in 1914.

Male Yellow-faced Siskin, Tamandaré, Pernambuco, Brazil, October 2008 - click for larger image It is found in a variety of habitats including caatinga, forest edge and urban centres.

The male has a black crown with a bright yellow face and underparts making it one of the most yellow looking of the siskins.

It is classified as Vulnerable largely because it has suffered from the caged bird trade.

There is also a page on Wikiaves.

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