Northern Andean Flicker Colaptes cinereicapillus
(aka Andean Flicker Colaptes rupicola cinereicapillus)
Northern Andean Flicker, Abra Calla Calla, Amazonas, Peru, October 2018 - click on image for a larger view Abra Calla Calla, Amazonas, Peru
October 2018

The Northern Andean Flicker is distributed in the extreme south of Ecuador and in northern Peru. See the distribution map at Birdlife International. It is found in boulder-strewn grassy areas in the páramo and upland scrub normally above 3,000 metres and close to the tree-line.

Most authorities treat it as a sub-species of Andean Flicker C. rupicola but Birdlife International consider it to be a species on the basis of a buffier face, more closely packed lines on the breast, and on the male - no red on the nape and only a small patch on the malar stripe. There are also differences in the voice.

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