Moustached Turca Pteroptochos megapodius
Chilean name: Turca
Moustached Turca, La Campana N.P., Chile, November 2005 - click for larger image La Campana N.P., Chile
November 2005

The Moustached Turca is a Chilean endemic distributed in northern and central Chile. It is found on scrubby, rocky slopes, is almost always seen on the ground and often perches on top of a rock with its tail cocked.

It is brown with barring on the belly and has a large white "moustache" on the cheeks as well as a white supercilium.

We had been hearing birds quite frequently higher up in La Campana National Park but I had failed to get a photo. As we were driving down the track to the entrance, we saw this bird at a corner so I quickly grabbed my camera, lent out of the window and took a couple of shots. My wife thought that I should have slowed down first and it would certainly have given a better result had the bird stayed put (which it didn't).

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