Mantled Hawk Pseudastur polionotus

(aka Leucopternis polionotus)
Brazilian name:
Mantled Hawk, Parque de Zizo, São Paulo, Brazil, November 2006 - click for larger image Brazil

The Mantled Hawk is distributed in east Brazil from Alagoas south to northern Rio Grande do Sul and into eastern Paraguay. It is found in Atlantic Rain Forest mainly above 500 metres.

In flight it has broad, rounded wings and a short tail. It is found in much the same areas as White-necked Hawk Buteogallus lacernulatus which is similar but has a longer tail with a black sub-terminal band.

Mantled Hawk, Boa Nova, Bahia, Brazil, October 2008 - click for larger image

It feeds on reptiles, small mammals and birds such as thrushes, tanagers and even larger trogons and Squirrel Cuckoo.

It is classified as Near Threatened.

There are recordings on xeno-canto and more information is available on Avibase.

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