Greenish Yellow-finch Sicalis olivascens
Chilean name: Chirihue verdoso
Greenish Yellow-finch, Putre, Chile, February 2007 - click for larger image Chile
February 2007

The Greenish Yellow-finch is distributed in the Andes of Peru, western Bolivia, northern Chile and western Argentina. It is found mostly at between 2500 and 3800 metres but can be seen at lower altitudes. It inhabits pre-puna shrub areas and the altiplano. Small flocks were seen at the roadside in the drive from Arica to Putre and it is common in highland villages.
Greenish Yellow-finch, Socorama, Chile, February 2007 - click for larger image The male is olive-green above and greeny-yellow below with slightly more olive flanks. The female is greenish to dull grey with only the throat and belly showing yellow. On this basis I think that photos 1 and 2 show females while photo 3 is of a male. The female is most similar to a female Greater Yellow-finch S. auriventris but is smaller, has more yellow below and has a much shorter primary extension.
Greenish Yellow-finch, Upper Lluta valley, Chile, February 2007 - click for larger image There are recordings and a distribution map on xeno-canto.
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