Great Shrike-tyrant Agriornis lividus

Chilean name: Mero
Great Shrike-tyrant, Cachagua, Chile, January 2007 - click for larger image Chile

The Great Shrike-tyrant is distributed in Chile from Atacama southwards and in southern Argentina. It is found mainly in arid shrubland in the north of its range and in Nothofagus forest or forest edges further south. There is a distribution map on xeno-canto.

Great Shrike-tyrant, Fray Jorge N.P., Chile, January 2007 - click for larger image At 26 cm it is the largest flycatcher. It has bold throat streaking and a cinnamon belly and undertail coverts which are not too obvious in these images. The bill is thick and hooked with a dark upper mandible and a paler lower mandible.

Apart from large insects it feeds on small mammals, lizards and even small birds.
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