Cinnamon-throated Hermit (Phaethornis nattereri)
(aka Maranhão Hermit, Phaethornis maranhaoensis)
Cinnamon-throated Hermit, Caseara, Tocantins, Brazil, January 2002 - click for larger image Caseara, Tocantins, Brazil
February 2002

The Cinnamon-throated Hermit is poorly known but is found in Bolivia and in Brazil from Maranhão to Mato Grosso where it inhabits thick vegetation in gallery forest, cerrado, caatinga woodland and secondary growth but does not seem to occur inside rainforest.

What was described as a distinct species, P maranhaoensis, appears now to be a hitherto undescribed plumage of the male P. nattereri.

There is an illustration in HBW, Volume 5, Page 542.
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