Black-goggled Tanager Trichothraupis melanops

Brazilian name:
Male  Black-goggled Tanager, Vargem Alta, Espírito Santo, Brazil, March 2004 - click for larger image Brazil

The Black-goggled Tanager is distributed in southern Brazil and adjacent areas of Argentina and Paraguay with a disjunct population along the eastern slopes of the Andes in Peru and Bolivia.

Female  Black-goggled Tanager, Parque do Zizo, São Paulo, Brazil, November 2006 - click for larger image It is found in forest and secondary woodland usually low down and in pairs often with mixed flocks.

The male, seen in photo 1, has black round the eyes and on the forehead forming the goggles and a yellow crest which is often hidden. It is grey-olive above but this bird looks much darker on the upperparts than the illustration in Ridgely & Tudor. The wings are black and I think that the white patches that can be seen on this bird are because it is moulting. It has a white band across the base of the primaries which is visible in flight but not normally on the closed wing. Below is buff.

The female, seen here in photo 2, is similar but lacks the black goggles and the yellow crest.

There are recordings and a distribution map on xeno-canto .

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