Long-billed Corella Cacatua tenuirostris
Long-billed Corella, Deniliquin, NSW, Australia, March 2006 - click for larger image Australia
February / March 2006

The Long-billed Corella is distributed in a relatively small area of south-west Victoria, south-east South Australia and the Riverina east of Mildura. It is associated with grassy eucalypt forest.

It has a noticeably long bill, a red forehead and bar across the throat and a blue eyering of bare skin.

The long bill is presumably an adaptation to allow it to feed on roots and tubers which it digs up from the ground. Originally these were native plants such as the murong daisy but, with the extensive cultivation of the area, this is now rare and the birds feed on the roots of introduced onion grass as well as seeds both wild and cultivated.

Long-billed Corella, Grampians NP, Victoria, Australia, February 2006 - click for larger image
Long-billed Corella with Galah, Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia, February 2006 - click for larger image
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