Black-crowned Night-heron Nycticorax nycticorax
Black-crowned Night-heron, Catalunya, Spain, May 2022 - click for larger image

Catalunya, Spain
May 2022

The Black-crowned Night Heron is a fairly cosmopolitan bird occurring in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. See the distribution map at xeno-canto. There are 4 subspecies with the nominate occurring in the Old World, N.n. hoactli in North and most of South America, N.n. obscurus in Chile and Argentina and N.n. falklandicus in the Falkland Islands. For photos of some of these sub-species click here.

They feed on a wide variety of prey including fish, frogs, snakes, lizards, insects, shrimps, rodents, bats and birds. Although they can be active during the day they are mainly crepuscular and, as the name suggests, nocturnal.

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