Species List Chile
12th November to 13th December 2005

Chilean Tinamou Nothoprocta perdicaria
Seen at various sites as far south as Puyehue N. P.
California Quail Callipepla californica
Common but skittish down as far as the Bio-Bio. Not seen further south.
White-tufted Grebe Rollandia rolland
Common in appropriate freshwater habitats.
Silvery Grebe Podiceps occipitalis
Lago Villarica, Torres del Paine and flocks of about 20 at sea at Caulin, Chiloe.
Pied-billed Grebe Podilymus podiceps
A few pairs in the Lake District
Great Grebe Podiceps major
Fairly common on freshwater lakes throughout the areas visited.
Southern Giant Petrel Macronectes giganteus
One seen from the Chiloe Ferry
Sooty Shearwater Puffinus griseus
Reasonable numbers seen from the Chiloe Ferry
Common Diving-petrel Pelicanoides urinatrix
One seen from the Chiloe Ferry
Magellanic Penguin Spheniscus magellanicus
Several seen swimming from both the Chiloe and the Tierra del Fuego ferries.
Peruvian Pelican Pelecanus thagus
Abundant on coast near Valparaiso. Several seen off coast of Chiloe. None seen south of Chiloe.
Neotropic Cormorant Phalacrocorax olivaceus
Fairly common in small numbers on inland waters. Large flocks at Caulin, Chiloe.
Rock Cormorant Phalacrocorax magellanicus
A few individuals seen from the Tierra del Fuego ferry.
Imperial Shag Phalacrocorax atriceps.
Several groups of the race atriceps were seen around Chiloe. One bird of the race albiventer was seen from the Tierra del Fuego ferry.
Darwin's Rhea Pterocnemia pennata
Common on the Patagonian steppe around Punta Arenas with a few at the entrance to Torres del Paine NP.
Great Egret Ardea alba
Fairly common in small numbers both inland and at the sea shore as far south as Chiloe.
Snowy Egret Egretta thula
Individual seen in appropriate habitat as far south as Chiloe.
Cattle Egret Bubulcus ibis
Only seen twice at Lago Peñuelas and on a pasture near Temuco.
Black-crowned Night-heron Nycticorax nycticorax
Seen near Concon and at Lago Villarica.
White-faced Ibis Plegadis chihi
A flock of 8 on the shore of Lago Villarica.
Black-faced Ibis Theristicus melanopis
Seen first beside the Bio-bio River and from there south common.
Chilean Flamingo Phoenicopterus chilensis
4 seen on Lago Amargo, Torres del Paine.
Coscoroba Swan Coscoroba coscoroba
One individual seen at Caulin, Chiloe which locals said was unusual. Quite common on the lakes of Torres del Paine especially, and appropriately, Laguna dos Cisnes.
Black-necked Swan Cygnus melancoryphus
Common in appropriate habitat and abundant at Caulin, Chiloe.
Ashy-headed Goose Chloephaga poliocephala
A few pairs near Rio Serrano, Torres del Paine.
Upland Goose Chloephaga picta
Abundant from Torres del Paine southwards
Flightless Steamer-duck Tachyeres pteneres
A pair seen nesting off the coast at Playa Guabún, Chiloe and one individual seen at Fuerte Agüi, on the Lacuy Peninsula, Chiloe.
Flying Steamer-duck Tachyeres patachonicus
2 pairs seen at sea of Caulin, Chiloe and one female seen on the Rio Paine, Torres del Paine.
Spectacled Duck Speculanas specularis
Relatively common at Torres del Paine. Seen on the small loch behind Mirador Nordensjjöld and on a pond beside the Refugio Lago Torre as well as other small ponds.
Crested Duck Lophonetta specularoides
Relatively common at Torres del Paine.
Torrent Duck Merganetta armata
Male, female and chicks in a ravine on the left bank of the Bio-bio. Male and female on different days from the bridge over the Rio Chanleufú at Aguas Calientes and a male and female seen twice on the Rio Pingo, Torres del Paine. The second time they were copulating.
Yellow-billed Pintail Anas georgica
Relatively common
Speckled Teal Anas flavirostris
Relatively common
Chiloe Wigeon Anas sibilatrix
Common from Chiloe southwards.
Cinnamon Teal Anas cyanoptera
Pairs at several locations from Concon to Chiloe
Red Shoveler Anas platalea
Small flocks around Porteria Sarmiento, Torres del Paine.
Andean Duck Oxyura ferruginea
One male seen at Torres del Paine.
Lake Duck Oxyura vittata
A small group on Lago Panguipulli.
Turkey Vulture Cathartes aura
Generally common but less so at Torres del Paine.
Black Vulture Coragyps atratus
Common as far south as Torres del Paine. Absent from Torres del Paine southwards.
Andean Condor Vultur gryphus
Seen every day at Torres del Paine
Black-crested Buzzard-eagle Geranoaetus melanoleucus
Seen only once at Rio Serrano, Torres del Paine
White-tailed Kite Elanus leucurus
Observed several times from Concon to the Bio-bio hovering close to the road.
Variable Hawk Buteo polyosoma
Singles seen at Puyehue NP and at Caulin, Chiloe.
White-throated Hawk Buteo albigula
One seen flying above the Nothofagus forest at Nahuelbuta NP.
Southern Caracara Caracara plancus
Much less common than in Brazil but seen on several occasions often being mobbed by Chimango Caracaras.
Chimango Caracara Milvago chimango
Abundant south to Chiloe but less common at Torres del Paine.
American Kestrel Falco sparverius
Plumbeous Rail Pardirallus sanguinolentus
Seen very well at Caulin, Chiloe.
Spot-flanked Gallinule Gallinula melanops
One seen on Lago Villarica.
Red-gartered Coot Fulica armillata
The commonest coot of the trip. Seen wherever habitat was appropriate.
White-winged Coot Fulica leucoptera
Small numbers at Concon and Lago Villarica.
Red-fronted Coot Fulica rufifrons
Seen at Concon and on Chiloe where it was probably nesting.
Southern Lapwing Vanellus chilensis
White-backed Stilt Himantopus melanurus
A few at Concon
Two-banded Plover Charadrius falklandicus
A few seen on Tierra del Fuego
Blackish Oystercatcher Haematopus ater
A few seen at Concon and one on nest at Lucay Peninsula, Chiloe.
Magellanic Oystercatcher Haematopus leucopodus
Seen on Laguna das Cisnes and Lago Toro, Torres del Paine and on Tierra del Fuego.
American Oystercatcher Haematopus palliatus
Fairly common at Concon and on Chiloe.
Greater Yellowlegs Tringa melanoleuca
A single at Caulin and a few at Lucay Peninsula, Chiloe
Hudsonian Whimbrel Numenius phaeopus hudsonicus
Abundant at Concon and on Chiloe.
Hudsonian Godwit Limosa haemastica
Small groups seen every day at Caulin, Chiloe.
Sanderling Calidris alba
Very large flocks at Caulin
Baird's Sandpiper Calidris bairdii
Small groups on Chiloe and Tierra del Fuego.
South American Snipe Gallinago paraguaiae
Individuals seen at Rio Serrano, Torres del Paine.
Wilson's Phalarope Phalaropus tricolor
6 seen on Lago Villarica.
Least Seedsnipe Thinocorus rumicivorus
Several heard but none seen on the trail from Porteria Sarmiento to Porteria Amargo, Torres del Paine.
Chilean Skua Stercorarius chilensis
A few seen at Punta Arenas and on Tierra del Fuego.
Kelp Gull Larus dominicanus
Abundant at the coast and common inland south to Chiloe then common again on Tierra del Fuego.
Dolphin Gull Larus scoresbii
Common at Porvenir, Tierra del Fuego
Grey Gull Larus modestus
A few mainly 2nd year birds at Concon.
Franklin's Gull Larus pipixcan
Abundant at Concon becoming less so further south as far as Chiloe.
Brown-hooded Gull Larus maculipennis
Common. Seen inland at Lago Villarica and Torres del Paine and on the coast round Chiloe and Tierra del Fuego.
South American Tern Sterna hirundinacea
A pair on the coast of Isla Quinchao, Chiloe and a pair seen at Torres del Paine on two occasions.
Snowy-crowned Tern Sterna trudeaui
A pair on Lago Villarica.
Elegant Tern Sterna elegans
Quite a large number at Concon mixing with the Franklin's Gulls.
Black Skimmer Rynchops niger
A flock of over 100 at Caulin, Chiloe.
Chilean Pigeon Patagioenas araucana
Easily spooked but individuals were seen at La Campana, around Villarica and at Puyehue NP.
Eared Dove Zenaida auriculata
Small numbers seen on most days
Picui Ground-dove Columbina picui
A few seen at Nahuelbuta NP and near the Bio-bio.
Black-winged Ground-dove Metriopelia melanoptera
Several seen on the road to El Yeso.
Austral Parakeet Enicognathus ferrugineus
Not positively identified until we saw a small flock at Castro, Chiloe. Several pairs nesting near the Hosteria Lago Grey, Torres del Pine and in the patch of Nothofagus forest on the way to the Mirador Lago Grey.
Slender-billed Parakeet Enicognathus leptorhynchus
Flock of about 50 in a field near Nahuelbuta NP and a flock of about 30 on a tree near Ancud, Chiloe. A few flew over Caulin, Chiloe every day.
Magellanic Horned Owl Bubo magellanicus
One individual hunting during the day in Tierra del Fuego. Apparently it is not uncommon to see this species in daylight this far south.
Green-backed Firecrown Sephanoides sephaniodes
Not as common as I thought it would be. Seen at flowers in the gardens of El Rincon, Los Angeles, at Aguas Calientes, Puyehue and on Chiloe.
Giant Hummingbird Patagonas gigas
One seen on the road to El Yeso and another seen at La Campana NP.
Magellanic Woodpecker Campephilus magellanicus
My only sighting was a pair at Puyehue NP.
Chilean Flicker Colaptes pitius
Seen at several sites from Laguna das Peñuelas to Torres del Paine.
Short-billed Miner Geositta antarctica
One seen on Tierra del Fuego
Scale-throated Earthcreeper Upocerthia dumetaria
One attending a nest at Embalse El Yeso and another at Porteria Sarmiento, Torres del Paine.
Dark-bellied Cinclodes Cinclodes patagonicus
Common near streams or wetlands from Los Angeles southwards.
Bar-winged Cinclodes Cinclodes fuscus
A few seen near the Rio Serrano, Torres del Paine.
Des Murs's Wiretail Sylviorthorhynchus desmursii
One seen well at Nahuelbuta NP but it proved impossible to photograph. Heard but not seen at Puyehue NP.
Thorn-tailed Rayadito Aphrastura spinicauda
Seen at La Campana, Quinta Vergara, Viña del Mar, Nahuelbuta, Puyehue and Torres del Paine.
Plain-mantled Tit-spinetail Leptasthenura aegithaloides
Seen at La Campana, Nahuelbuta, Laguna de Laja and on Chiloe.
Black-throated Huet-huet Pteroptochos tarnii
Heard at Nahuelbuta, fairly common at Puyehue and one individual seen on Chiloe.
Moustached Turca Pteroptochos megapodius
Common at La Campana NP.
Chucao Tapaculo Scelorchilus rubecula
Seen at Nahuelbuta, common at Puyehue and only heard on Chiloe.
Ochre-flanked Tapaculo Eugralla paradoxa
One seen at Mark Pearman's site 4kms from the Customs Post near Puyehue NP and an adult with two juveniles seen at Fuerte Agüi on Chiloe.
White-browed Ground-tyrant Muscisaxicola albilora
Seen at El Yeso and at Laguna de Laja NP.
Cinnamon-bellied Ground-tyrant Muscisaxicola capistrata
One seen on Tierra del Fuego.
Dark-faced Ground-tyrant Muscisaxicola macloviana
Seen at Laguna de Laja NP, Puyehue and near the Rio Serrano, Torres del Paine.
Spectacled Tyrant Hymanops perspicillata
A pair seen at Concon.
Austral Negrito Lessonia rufa
Pairs seen in open areas at most sites except higher up in the Andes.
Fire-eyed Diucon Xolmis pyrope
A few seen at most sites from Nahuelbuta NP southwards.
White-crested Elaenia Elaenia albiceps
A few seen at all sites except around Lago Villarica.
Tufted Tit-tyrant Anairetes parulus
Seen in small numbers at most sites from Los Angeles southwards.
Chilean Swallow Tachycineta meyeni
Seen almost every day.
Blue-and-white Swallow Pygochelidon cyanoleuca
Seen at La Campana, Puyehue and Torres del Paine.
Southern House Wren Troglodytes musculus
Seen or heard every day.
Rufous-tailed Plantcutter Phytotoma rara
Singles or pairs seen at Laguna de Laja, Villarica, Chiloe and beside the Rio Pingo, Torres del Paine.
Austral Thrush Turdus falcklandii
Seen every day.
Chilean Mockingbird Mimus tenca
Common as far as Villarica. Not seen south of there.
Correndera Pipit Anthus correndera
Individuals seen on Chiloe and at Torres del Paine.
Greater Yellow-finch Sicalis auriventris
Single male at Embalse El Yeso.
Patagonian Yellow-finch Sicalis lebruni
Single male on Tierra del Fuego.
Grassland Yellow-finch Sicalis luteola
Flocks at Laguna das peñuelas and Laguna de Laja.
Austral Blackbird Curaeus curaeus
Seen on most days.
Yellow-winged Blackbird Agelaius thilius
Pairs seen at Concon and Laguna de Laja.
Shiny Cowbird Molothrus bonariensis
A few been at Laguna de Laja, Villarica and Chiloe.
Long-tailed Meadowlark Sturnella loyca
Some birds seen most days except around Villarica and Puyehue.
Patagonian Sierra-finch Phrygilus patagonicus
Seen at Puyehue and Torres del Paine.
Grey-hooded Sierra-finch Phrygilus gayi
Seen at El Yeso, La Campana and Torres del Paine.
Mourning Sierra-finch Phrygilus fruticeti
One individual seen near Laguna Amargo, Torres del Paine.
Band-tailed Sierra-finch Phrygilus alaudinus
One male seen beside the road to El Yeso.
Plumbeous Sierra-finch Phrygilus unicolor
A male at El Yeso and a small group of males and females at Laguna de Laja.
Common Diuca-finch Diuca diuca
Pairs or individuals at Laguna das Peñuelas, Laguna de Laja and Chiloe.
Rufous-collared Sparrow Zonotrichia capensis
Common except at Villarica and Puyehue. The distinctive race australis seen at El Yeso and in Torres del Paine and Tierra del Fuego.
Black-chinned Siskin Carduelis barbatus
A few seen at most sites.
Yellow-rumped Siskin Carduelis uropygialis
An individual seen at El Yeso and a pair seen at Laguna de Laja.

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