Slow-worm Anguis fragilis
Slow-worm, Monks Eleigh Garden, Suffolk, England, July 2007 - click for larger image Monks Eleigh Garden, Suffolk, England
July 2007

The Slow-worm is neither a worm nor a snake but is, in fact, a legless lizard.

It can grow up to half a metre in length and ranges in colour from light brown to dark bronzy-brown. They emerge from hibernation in spring when they mate. The young, usually between 10 and 20, are born about 4 months later in August and September.

It is a very useful inhabitant of gardens since it feeds on snails and slugs as well as worms and insects. Predators are hedgehogs, foxes and cats while their habit of hiding beneath leaf litter and in long grass makes them susceptible to human beings with strimmers.

There is a page on this species on herpetofauna.

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