Tui Parakeet Brotogeris sanctithomae
Tui Parakeet, Pakaas Palafitas Lodge, Guajará-Mirim, Rondônia, Brazil, March 2003 - click for larger image Brazil

The Tui Parakeet is distributed in Amazonian Brazil, south-east Colombia, eastern Peru and north-eastern Bolivia. There is a distribution map available at NatureServe. It is found in secondary growth and scrub especially close to water.

Tui Parakeet, Hotel Tropical, Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil, August 2004 - click for larger image It is distinguished by its yellow forehead and its pale iris. It also has a dark reddish bill which is quite conspicuous in both these photos though this feature is not normally emphasised in the literature.

Jeremy Minns' recording is of the bird shown in photo 1.

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