Thick-billed Saltator Saltator maxillosus

Brazilian name:
Buff-throated Saltator, Itatiaia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, November 2008 - click for larger image Itatiaia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
November 2008

The Thick-billed Saltator is distributed in south-east Brazil from Espírito Santo to the north of Rio Grande do Sul and adjacent areas of north-east Argentina.

It is found in the canopy and borders of forest and woodland.

The bill is bigger and shorter than in other saltators as well as having a noticeably curved culmen. It is black with orange at the base. It has a long white supercilium and the male has grey upperparts. Below the throat is buff with black malar stripes and is otherwise buffy-grey with deep buff on the vent.
It is the only sexually dimorphic saltator and the female has olive upperparts replacing the grey of the male.

There are recordings on xeno-canto, a distribution map from NatureServe and additional information available via Avibase.
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