Spot-backed Antshrike Hypoedaleus guttatus

Brazilian name: chocão-carijó

Spot-backed Antshrike, Capricôrnio, São Paulo, Brazil, April 2001 - click for larger image Brazil

While the Spot-backed Antshrike is relatively common at some sites, they are usually up in the canopy and therefore quite difficult to see.

They are to be found at forest edges and in secondary woodland in south and east Brazil and eastern Paraguay.

Spot-backed Antshrike, Hípica as Gaivotas, São Paulo, Brazil, Sept 2000 - click for larger image

The male is black above with bold white spots and white bands on its black tail. Its underparts are white with black spots turning to buff and ochraceous on its flanks and undertail coverts. The female, seen here in photo 2, is similar but is entirely tinged ochraceous below while the spots above have a buff tinge.

Many authorities split the species into two races, H. g. guttatus from the southern part of the range seen here in photos 1 to 3 and H. g. leucogaster from Espírito Santo northwards seen here in photo 4.

Male Spot-backed Antshrike, Parque de Zizo, São Paulo, Brazil, November 2006 - click for larger image However, HBW says that there is a gradual or clinal change as one moves north and east in Brazil towards birds that are paler below such as the male seen in photo 4 taken at Camacã in Bahia compared to photo 1 taken at Ubatuba and photo 3 taken at Parque do Zizo. HBW classifies the species as monotypic.
Male Spot-backed Antshrike, Camacã, Bahia, Brazil, November 2008 - click for larger image There are recordings and a distribution map on xeno-canto and access to additional information via Avibase.
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