Rufous-breasted Chat-tyrant Ochthoeca rufipectoralis
Rufous-chested Chat-Tyrant, Cresta de San Lorenzo, Amazonas, Peru, October 2018 - click for larger image Peru and Ecuador

The Rufous-breasted Chat-tyrant is distributed in the Andes from Venezuela through Colombia, Ecuador and Peru to Bolivia. See the distribution map at Birdlife International. It is found in montane forest edge, Polylepis woodland and shrub country from 2,300 to 4,100 metres.

Rufous-chested Chat-Tyrant, Kuelap, Amazonas, Peru, October 2018 - click for larger image> The supercilium is white and the rufous breast contrasts with the whitish belly.

Rufous-chested Chat-Tyrant, Papallacta Pass, Napo, Ecuador, November 2019 - click for larger image> <

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