Cuban Parakeet Psittacara euops
(aka Aratinga euops)
Cuban Parrot, Najasa, Cuba, February 2005 - click on image for a larger view Sierra de Najasa, Cuba
February 2005

The Cuban Parakeet was once a widespread and common Cuban endemic which was regarded as a crop pest but persecution, habitat destruction and trapping have now restricted the species to a few areas in Cuba and the numbers are so low that Birdlife International classify it as Vulnerable.

It is found in grasslands with palms, notably the Royal Palm, at woodland edges and in undisturbed forest but requires nesting holes in palms or in arboreal termite nests many of which are abandoned woodpecker holes.

It is bright green with red spots scattered on the head, neck and breast and red at the bend of the wing. It has a white ring of bare flesh round the eye.

They fly in small flocks and this particular flock in Najasa consisted of about 12 individuals.

There is an excellent page on this species at Birdlife International.

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