Blackish-gray Antshrike (Thamnophilus nigrocinereus)
Male Blackish-grey Antshrike, Anavilhanas, Amazonas, Brazil, July 2001 - click for larger image Anavilhanas, Amazonas, Brazil
July 2001

The Blackish-grey Antshrike is found along the Amazon and its tributaries and in the upper Orinoco Basin. It is particularly numerous in the Anavilhanas Archipelago where this photo was taken.

It prefers forest borders, gallery forest and some river islands.

It has a heavy bill and the male has white tips to its wing coverts giving a fringed effect to the conspicuous wing-bars. The tail feathers also have white tips. The female is rufous-brown above but with grey on the crown and cheeks and cinnamon-rufous below..

There are illustrations in Ridgely & Tudor, Volume 2, Plate 17; and Hilty & Brown, Plate 29.

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