Band-tailed Nighthawk (Nyctiprogne leucopyga)
Band-tailed Nighthawk, Borba, Amazonas, Brazil, August 2004 - click for larger image Borba, Amazonas, Brazil
August 2004

The Band-tailed Nighthawk is distributed in Venezuela and the Amazon Basin. It is found along rivers through forest and over marshes and savannah.

It is a small nighthawk with a very small bill and is generally dark with a notable lack of white on the wings. It does however have a distinguishing white band on the tail formed by 3 white spots on the 3 outermost tail feathers. The barring on the underparts is just visible in this photo.

I was particularly pleased with this shot since the Band-tailed Nighthawk is rarely around during the day. This bird was flying over the rio Mapia near Borba at about 4:00 p.m. but on a particularly dull day.
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