Austral Negrito (Lessonia rufa)
Chilean name: Colegial
Male Austral Negrito, Torres del Paine, Chile, December 2005 - click for larger image Chile

The Austral Negrito breeds from central Chile and central Argentina south to Tierra del Fuego. In winter it migrates north as far as southern Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and southern Brazil.

Male Austral Negrito, Concon, Chile, November 2005 - click for larger image It is found in open areas with short grass and is often near the coast or lake shores. Very active, it forages for small insects running along the ground and sallying in the air. Much given to flicking its wings and tail.

The male is all black except for its rufous-chestnut back. It has a short black bill and black legs with a very long hind claw which you can just see in photos 2 and 4.

Female Austral Negrito, Lago Villarica, Chile, November 2005 - click for larger image The female has a less chestnuty back, is brownish-grey below with dark streaks and has two wing-bars. It is the female that helps to separate this species from Andean Negrito L. oreas by being much lighter below, showing wing-bars and having white at the edge of the tail as can be seen in photo 4.
Female Austral Negrito, Caulin, Chiloe, Chile, December 2005 - click for larger image

Female Austral Negrito, near Los Vilos, IV Region, Chile, January 2007 - click for larger image

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