Photo Information

I hope to include more specific details on each photo in due course.

In the meantime, general information for most early photos is:

Camera: Canon EOS 3

Lens: Normally Canon EF 100-400mm f4.5-5.6L IS USM with a 1.4x converter.
This means that most shots are taken at f8.0

Film: I have been experimenting with a variety of films, namely, Fuji Sensia, Fuji Velvia pushed +1 to 100, Fuji Provia pushed +1 to 200 and Fuji Provia 400.

Since mid 2002 I have been using a Canon D60 which has a lot of advantages for my type of photography over the EOS 3:
1. I can see in the field immediately if I have the correct exposure and roughly if the focus is correct
2. The power of the telephoto lens is enhanced. i.e. a 400 mm lens acts as a 666mm lens.
I don't lose quality in scanning
I can change the ISO of the film from 100 to 1000 depending on the light conditions. While a higher ISO affects quality to some extent, I can get good pictures in poor light within forest as well as good flight shots at higher speeds than with conventional film.
Drawbacks are:
I need to carry around a PC to download the images every evening.
The D60 does not have so many automatic focus points as the EOS 3. At f 5.6, only 3 focus points function and, adding a 1.4 extender, none function so focus has to be manual which, with my poor eyesight, is a bit of a problem.

If you wish to know the details for any particular photo, please contact Arthur Grosset

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