Copyright Notice

All pictures on this website are subject to copyright by Arthur Grosset.

What is allowed?
The pictures on this website can be used free of charge by individuals and non-profit organisations for strictly non-commercial use. This means that you can create a link to them, copy them to your own website or to your own PC. You can use them as wallpaper, screen saver or whatever, as long as it is for personal non-commercial use. I would appreciate it if you would indicate that the photos are © Arthur Grosset and I would be interested to know if you are using any of my images on a website so please let me know by e-mail

The one exception to this is organisations or people who promote or are involved with the keeping of birds in cages. I have marvelled at so many birds in the wild that I cannot understand how anyone can confine these magnificent creatures to cages and will not allow my images to be used in any way to promote this.

What is not allowed?
All uses other than these are unauthorized.
If you would like to use these photos commercially or for any other use, or if you are interested in higher resolution scans, slide duplicates or prints, please contact me by e-mail