Some useful links are:

South American Birds:

The Neotropical Bird Club: A site with lots of information on South American Birds. If you're interested, you should join.
Brazilian Ornithological Records Committee: Mostly in Portuguese but if you want the official Brazil List, this is where to find it.
The Cristalino Jungle Lodge: A great place to stay if you want to see a large number of Amazon birds.
Bellavista Cloud Forest Reserve: Details of the reserve and some great photos by Martin Reid.
Boute Expeditions: Paulo Boute organises birding in Brazil, including the Pantanal.
Birds of the Caatinga: Some excellent photos by Hermann Redies from his farm in the caatinga of Ceará.
Save Brasil: This is Birdlife International's Brazilian partner and the site, in English and Portuguese, has some useful information on the threatened birds of Brazil.
Rick Simpson: Rick is a bird guide presently living in Ubatuba one of the best areas in the Atlantic Rain Forest. Check out his website.


The Fat Birder: This site seems to have everything on birds and keeps very up-to-date.
Birding hotspots around the world: with some great photos.
Peterson Online: Mainly North America but comprehensive info and a rich site.
Handbook of the Birds of the World: Lynx Editions are publishing the first work ever to illustrate and deal in detail with all the species of birds in the world
Damisela's Electronic Zoo: An interesting collection of photos. Text is in Spanish. Chris Lodge's new site featuring bird paintings.
Wildlife Online: Marc Baldwin's site featuring elasmobranchs (sharks, skates and rays) along with many mammals.

European Birds:

Birdguides: A great site for UK birds, especially the Rarities page.
The SOC: Lots of info about birds in Scotland and where to see them.
Dutch Birding Association: ditto for Holland
British Birds Magazine: Probably the oldest birding magazine in the UK if not the world.
Montrose Basin, Scotland: Another great site in Scotland.
Hungarian Birdwatching: Information on the birds and birding sites of Hungary.
Greek Bird Photography: Some great photos from Panos Oikonomou. A very comprehensive site about French, European and World birds. Some of the content is only in French but much is in English and Dutch and the photos are excellent.


Arthur Morris - Birds as Art: Apart from having a cool first name, this guy is one of the great photographers.